Are You Facing Water Damage, Storm Damage or Fire Damage in East Georgia?


Water Damage

Water damage takes place fast and furiously when flood waters come or there is a damaging water leak in your home or business.

Fire Damage

In the moment that fire damage is discovered, it is normal to experience panic, devastation and then wonder what to do next.

Storm Damage

High winds, lightening, rain downpours, hail, snow and ice storms can leave homes and businesses in the Atlanta area damaged.
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Customer Testimonials:

On the 21st of January 2014, the basement of our home in Monroe, Georgia, was flooded by a backed-up septic tank. 65% of the basement is finished (full bath, bedroom and den), the remainder is unfinished storage and workshop area.

Levi Eidson, owner of Can-Restore, was referred to us as a contractor who specializes in this type of restoration.

Suzanne and Richard Forte

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