Why Would You Possibly Need Smoke Restoration Services from Storm Damage?

Smoke restoration services come in all shapes and sizes, and from all sorts of fires.

Smoke restoration servicesWhen you think of smoke restoration services you might think of what comes after a typical house fire, one started by a smoldering cigarette or a cooking mishap, but are there other reasons to need it? It might surprise you to know that storm damage can be the root cause of a house fire.

How, you might ask, could a storm start a fire? There are actually a number of ways it could happen.


One of the most common, and most obvious ways a storm can start a fire is from lightning. When lightning strikes a house it most often will start a fire on the roof or in the attic, where it can come in contact with wood and other flammable materials to start a blaze, but it can cause other fire dangers as well.

Lightning looks for conductive paths to help it on its way to the ground, so anything made of metal is a possible pathway for lightning. It can easily travel down gutters, gas lines, piping, phone lines, cable and satellite TV lines, and metal window frames. And since lightning can branch as it hits an object, it could start by hitting your gutters and branch off to other conductors in your home. Anything flammable that’s adjacent to any conductive object struck by the lightning could ignite, starting the chain of events that leads to a house fire.

Additionally, If lightning hits your electrical wires, it can cause them to burn, which creates an additional fire hazard within your walls as the electricity is carried down the wires throughout your home.

Downed Electrical Lines

Big storms with heavy rain, strong wind, and even ice and hail can cause power lines to come down. Ice can weigh down the lines themselves causing the lines to pull and the power poles to topple, and heavy wind can break trees and branches that land on electric lines and pull them down.

If a line is still energized when it hits the ground, it can spark a fire when it comes in contact with grass or other natural material. If it hits your house, the same thing can happen. It can cause a spark which can start a fire if it ignites materials on your home such as roofing, siding, landscaping, or wood structural materials. Many house fires have been started by downed electric lines.

Indirect Fire Causes From a Storm

The storm itself isn’t always the direct cause of a house fire. Oftentimes fires can start due to human behavior, based on need. Many storms, in every season, can cause power outages. What do you do when the lights go out? You light candles. Candles are one of the most common causes of house fires. They seem benign, but it’s still an open flame, and a blanket, drapes, even wallpaper can easily catch on fire if a candle is too close.

Another cause of house fires after a storm? Fireplaces and portable heaters. If the power is out and it’s a cold winter day, the easiest way to warm up your house is with a fire in the fireplace. Pay attention to how you burn! Stray sparks, dirty chimneys and flus, and things that get too close to the flame can all start a fire. Have a generator? Portable heaters are a common cause of house fires, if left too close to furniture or left unattended. Another indirect cause of house fires after a storm.

Storm damage can leave you with a big mess, but don’t discount that it can also leave you with fire and smoke damage, either by freak chance, or if you’re not careful.

If you have smoke damage as the result of a storm, it needs professional attention to take care of it effectively. Click to contact Can-Restore for help with smoke restoration services.